2011, Promenade 5: Present Company.

Performed at the Siobhan Davies Studios, London. 24 minutes in 3 equal parts.

This piece was created specifically for the Siobhan Davies dance studios as part of a festival of independent dance. Along with the whole of that event, the work was dedicated to the dancer, choreographer and teacher Gill Clarke, who had recently died; a strongly felt presence despite her absence.


The work was conceived largely around the use of coloured light from projectors. Three projections on flanking walls, created an environment of interpenetrating light and darkness using a format of simple geometrical shapes – circles, cubes, triangles, etc. This has been the only Promenade piece (so far) intended for a continuously seated audience, with a much shorter duration than usual. Objects in the piece were limited to an oar, a stool and a folding screen.